Gregory S. Bachmeier

Gregory S. Bachmeier, J.D. has practiced in the areas of Immigration, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury law since 1999.  He has successfully represented thousands of clients.   Because a criminal conviction can be devastating to a non-citizen's immigration status, Greg has become an expert at negotiating criminal plea bargains and sentences to minimize or avoid immigration and collateral criminal consequences. Greg has also become adept at post-conviction work saving clients from deportation. 


Criminal Law

Greg has successfully defended felony theft, assault, criminal sexual conduct, prostitution, driving under the influence, juvenile, drug and numerous other offenses.  Many of which have resulted in dismissals and acquittals.   He also does post-conviction work, including vacating criminal convictions, withdrawing guilty pleas and reducing prior criminal convictions as well as the expungment of criminal records.  

Immigration Law

Greg regularly handles immigration cases (no matter how complex) including asylum, family-based petitions, relief from deportation, waivers, and naturalization at every immigration level including the USCIS, EOIR, BIA and Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Personal Injury Law

Greg also handles personal injury cases, ranging from automobile accidents, slip and falls, premises liability cases, and excessive force claims against law enforcement officers.  Note the following recoveries:

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